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Small Paintings 6" x 6"
I love creating  these little 6x6 paintings. They are special spots and things that I have encountered in my world that just needed to be captured in paint.  Group them together in a display or display one by itself for a small spot for color. They make great, affordable gifts for birthdays, weddings, or for your self when you just need that one thing to brighten your day. 

All are attractively framed and ready to hang at $250 each with free shipping - Click on image for an enhanced view and details.

The Other Side of Glory
Reflection on Winter
A New Day
Nine Mile Creek
Morning Moon
Last Light
Nine Mile Creek
Celestial Light
Lesser Goldfinch
Ninepipes I
Remembering Marquette
Winter Shine
First Snow in the Valley
February Light
End of Day
Lady Slippers
"Night Moves"
Shooting Stars
"Night Fall"
"Potomac Moon"
Daylight Meadow
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