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Bobbe is a popular artist and teacher in the Missoula, Montana area.   She is available to conduct private lessons as well as group classes and workshops in watercolor, gouache, oil, or pastel.  To discuss group or private lessons, contact Bobbe through the contact form on this web site.


Classes can be seen and registered for at  the Lifelong Learning Center in person, by  phone, or online at this link. Go to the Art listing and click on Painting. You can either use the Instructor filter at the top and check my name to just see my classes or you can scroll down to see my classes along with the other classes being offered.


Students benefit most from private instruction. 2 hr sessions run $120 per session and focus on the specific subject matter that the student needs or wants at your location. Private sessions can have up to 2 students as long as the medium and goals of the students are the same. To discuss your interest, contact Bobbe through this web site or by email at


The Other Side of Glory - 72dpi.jpg

Beginning June, 2022 you can find my art in a new gallery in Philipsburg, MT. A number of paintings have been delivered to THE OFF-GRID GALLERY there.

August 20th through October 15th some of my larger oil paintings will be on display on Helena's walking mall at the south end of Last Chance Blvd.


Backyard Lilacs - full.jpg
Bobbe Almer - My-Time_edited.jpg
ZACC Annual Mini Show
March 3 - April 1
You can bid online in the silent auction for this painting at:

KILLDEER ARTISANS  SHOW Arlee Community Art Gallery
April  thru TBD
Opening reception 1-4pm. This is a group show of the Killdeer Artisans and it will contain 3 of my paintings.

Amaging Grace.jpg
September 8-22  12:30-3:30 pm
Soft pastels are artist pigments in a solid form. This class will familiarize you with the various types of pastel and have you learning to use them in the creation of art in no time.  Soft pastel, sometimes erroneously referred to as chalks, produce vivid art that is tactile, immediate, and fun. During class we will create several small paintings. All levels of experience are welcome and supplies are included.
Register through the Lifelong Learning website or give them a call.
The Trail West.jpg
October 6-27   12:30-3:30 pm
Expand your knowledge and learn new oil painting techniques. We will discuss and try various ways to get started with an oil painting, composition and set up, making changes in either wet or cured paintings, and much more. You will be painting each week. We will be using solvent free oils and you may bring your own supplies or use the classroom materials for this class.
Register through the Lifelong Learning website or give them a call.
November 3-17  12:30-3:30 pm
Let’s play with some loose drawing, practice scribbling, adding some ink, and a splash of watercolor. In general we will learn just how easy a few lines and scribble marks can define whatever it is you are trying to represent. No experience is required and all supplies are provided.
Register through the Lifelong Learning website or give them a call.
Oil Color Charts.jpg
November 4  10am-3:30pm
I can't express enough how valuable you will find this class. If you are new to oil painting or if you have never created your oil charts, start the medium off right with this class. We will talk about your basic palette of colors and pigments and set off to create a set of charts that will expand your understanding of what you have and what you can create with a basic palette of colors.  You will bring your paint along with a list of supplies to be sent prior to the class. All oil painting students of any experience level are welcome. You can check out what I use for oil painting in the supply list above.

Register through the Lifelong Learning website or give them a call.
In Touch with Color Image.jpg
November 11  10am-3:30pm
This class is not about painting, but about paint. In this class you will develop your own reference of watercolor paint. The information and processes shared will open a whole new understanding about color which should lend itself critically to the watercolor artist. We will walk through information regarding color, pigments, their nature, their interactions and qualities and complete a number of exercises to further your understanding. Because this class is about your watercolor paint, you will be asked to bring all your paint tubes along with a list of supplies that will be sent out prior to the class. All watercolor students are welcome.

Register through the Lifelong Learning website or give them a call.
Missoula Reflections.jpg
December 1-15  10am-3:30pm
This class is designed to give you the information and opportunity to apply some advanced techniques and expand on your basic knowledge of painting in watercolor. We will talk about reference material, painting larger, stretching paper, composition, and getting those darks that take your work to another level. You should be familiar with the basics of watercolor painting. You will experience demos, answers to your questions, and individual attention.

Register through the Lifelong Learning website or give them a call.

* The paintings shown are examples of the work we do, but are not necessarily the paintings that will be done in the class.

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