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"Often, in my mind, I have pictured a great blank canvas, and in my imagination I have seen it transformed into the masterpiece of my dreams. Memory has conjured the subject and imagination has fashioned it. How I wish I could show you one of those pictures. They are very broad in treatment and there is no detail to distract the eye; yet the tiniest of incident is there if you look - the glint of a dragonfly's wing over the water, and the blue-green of the hedge sparrow's eggs in the smooth hollow of the nest. The colours cannot be found in tubes - they are taken from the fields and flowers, and are mixed with light and air."  -- Edward Seago


These little oil paintings make wonderful gifts or a beautiful way to start your own original art collection. All are framed and can be placed in fun groupings.

Framed original watercolor paintings of Glacier National Park and other subject matter. Available at several galleries.

My larger paintings are in oil, watercolor, and pastel and all come framed and ready to hang.

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